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About Me

Lavour Addison was born in Miami Florida, but raised in Freeport Bahamas. He grew up loving and watching wrestling every Monday night with his father. He pursued wrestling and football at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After not making the team he found his true passion in acting.

After Graduating from UHM with a double major in Psychology and Theatre, he married the Love of his life Brittni Addison, and moved to Cleveland Ohio to pursue his MFA in acting in the Case Western Reserve University/ Cleveland Play House MFA Program.

Throughout his training he has excelled in different styles of theatre including heightened text as well as contemporary/new work.


"Lavour Addison dominates the stage as Macbeth. His presence is enrapturing while his monologues practically command attention. As Macbeth Struggles with his demons. Addison's performance intensifies to an incredible degree, exuding so much power and raw emotion that it is staggering. Macbeth's character arc is entertaining in itself, but in the hands of Addison,it becomes terrifying, and wonderfully so."  

—  Gwendolyn Kochur, The Reserve News

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